Let's give children
a happy childhood together!
We seek for help of the foundations and people, who are not indifferent to our common misfortune!
Let's give “Liubimki” a second life!
Our story
Let's give "Liubimki" a second life!

My name is Oksana, and my husband's name is Oleksey. We are the founders of "Liubimki". We live in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. My husband and I are the parents of 3 wonderful little angels, and all of us together make the Antipov family.

We realized three years ago that our love, happiness, and desire to create is so big that we want to share it! The idea of creating our fourth child arose: kindergarten "Liubimki" - the center of pure, maternal love and care for all children…

For two years we studied the experience of public and private kindergartens in different cities of Ukraine and the world. We talked to many mothers to learn their opinion about the conditions of the kindergartens that their children attended, as well as their wishes.

We carefully studied the legislation[a], worked closely with the State Food and Consumer Service, implemented the HACCP system, and received a license for educational activities from the Kyiv Regional State Administration to open the "Liubimki" daycare!
We were very meticulous in building and equipping the future center of happiness of little "Liubimkis": all building materials, furniture, fabrics, toys, and other equipment were chosen only with the quality certificates available.

The most important task for the normal operation of the kindergarten[b] was to find and select professionals in their field - people who would want to work with children by the call of heart. We wanted to create a team of like-minded people united by love for the most precious thing in life - children!

And, I can proudly say that we succeeded!
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The continuation of our story
So, on December 1, 2020, the "Liubimki" kindergarten opened its doors to children of the small but picturesque city of Irpin.

I must confess, we were very nervous because we put all our strength and soul to make a real, magical tale come true. Each group had its own theme, each chair with its own pet; pool and salt rooms in accordance with all sanitary norms; dollhouses, parking lot, balls and even animator costumes - all to give children a bright, carefree, happy and safe childhood!
After six months of work, a huge list was formed of those who wanted to entrust their children to our loving and caring educators! Endless support, words of gratitude from parents, and words from children "our kindergarten is the best", gave strength and understanding that everything was not in vain and we achieved our goals!

After all, the kindergarten was filled with love, comfort, laughter, joy, fun, holidays and birthday celebrations, as well as with carefree and delicious smells of home-cooked, elicious food! "Liubimki" - lived and prospered…
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Until five in the morning on February 24, 2022, when the whole Ukraine woke up to the terrible sounds and words "war has begun"…

Three shells had hit the kindergarten, and now it is very difficult to see the remnants of that bright, kind, and such a charming center of childhood…

This is the second time that our family loses a part of our soul… and we are again forced to lose and flee from the "Russian peace".

But there is still hope and faith that we will revive the "body" of our "Liubimki", because the "soul" has survived! We will not give up and will not surrender!
"Today, Anichka went to another kindergarten with words: "It's not interesting in here, I want to go to Irina Anatoliivna!"
"Lisa constantly talks about "Liubimki", about the children from her group, about the teacher - she is very sad and asks when we will be back…"
"Stepan remembers every time how delicious the food was in "Liubimki", especially pancakes with sour cream…"
"Arina asks every morning when we can return to Liubimki"- these and other messages from parents and children only strengthen our faith!
Unfortunately, we can't rebuild the kindergarten on our own, because the financial losses are immense…
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